Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Waiting Game

Okay, so I last blogged a couple of weeks ago about going for my boss' job. And I know that I told all of you I would blog with an update, but really, this is all I have.... I actually had my interview a week ago Monday... have I heard anything? No. Not a thing. The post for the job has been taken down, but I have heard nothing either way, which leads me to believe that I will find out who has gotten the position along with everyone else in their "congratulations email". (So help me if I am asked to train said position-filler on any tasks).

Anyways, that's my brief update of I know nothing. So until I hear something, I am thinking about my other options. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Random as all hell

Read! For the love of Jenny:)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Updating... more than just the blog

Okay folks, before all of your jaws drop, let it be said that I've been busy and neglecting my blog to the point of social blog services calling to make sure the attention I give this little baby improves... however, I cannot promise consistency. Actually, I take that back-- I have been consistent... consistently lazy in my blog upkeep. Here's the thing really, and I tried taking some of my friend Sam's advice, because I was feeling like I had just laid all of my pms out there in my last blog entry, and that was not how I wanted to continue blogging... so I thought turning my back on this thing until I had no readers left would be the answer. Either that, or this will just stun the hell out of any of you who remain, eh?

Anyways, so the big reason I decided to come back tonight was not to vent my post-college sadness, but to embrace the fork in the road I have been waiting for (or at least to share the news with you). If you recall a few months ago, I blogged about waiting for the opportunity to arise for me to possibly move up in my company. Wait no more. The opportunity just announced itself real and open for applicants this past Thursday. And lucky for me I found out and made my move that day before the day shift left, because I was taking Friday off for Frema and Luke's wedding, and would have died to wait all the way until tomorrow to express my interest. So in addition to updating my blog, I also need to update my resume tonight.

I'm excited and scared at the same time. If I got the job, it would be a great step up in my career, and praise the Lord, in my pay check as well. I am trying to psych myself up for the interview(s), but not forgetting the flip-side that this job may not turn out to be mine. I am absolutely trying to remind myself of that reality, which leaves me with what to do next since there wouldn't be much point in rolling over and dying (also known as, sitting in my same night crew position for all time if there's no chance for promotion).

I'm not trying to beat myself down, but I also don't want to be so high up that if it doesn't happen, I have to come crashing down from the loss with no idea what to do next. I feel confident that I've done all I could have in the year I've been with this company to make myself worthy of promotion, and I absolutely feel like I am trainable and qualified to do a good job, and I know that I have my boss' backing, but that will remain to be seen in the weeks to come with interviewing and competition and such. Either way, I know no matter what happens, I still have a year of good experience. But there you have it, my blog-worthy news. Onto the resume!

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Jenabeeb said... WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GO???

I was debating on giving an intro, but it seems as if it would just be a complete waste of time- given the abrupt and obvious question posed in the title of this entry... so that's intro enough- onto where the hell I went. Get ready for rambling, because here it comes...

If you recall a while back, I blogged about picking up Saturdays to help with my financial situation post college.... and yes, while it is making "life" possible, it is also the biggest factor in keeping me from my life. I realized a couple of things this past weekend (I was invited to go out in celebration of the last of my college friends turning 21)-- 1) I can't swing going out at 10pm like I used to. I had even forgotten the fact that I once enjoyed this lifestyle until my sister reminded me of how insane she used to think I was doing the same exact thing. I work now... and after my 53rd hour of work this week, I knew that the possibility of a fun-filled all-nighter out with the girls would just not be possible. 2) I can't get enough sleep due to this fact. I am free from work for what feels like all of 12 hours, and I spend 9 of that catching up on sleep. Joy. The crazy thing is, as much as I want to do things out of work, by the time I actually am out of work, I have no desire to do anything... not even blogging.

There's just not really much I can do about my situation right now. I have to work this much to stay floating. My boss is due to leave for grad school in August, so it's only a few more months until I find out where that will take me, if anywhere. I have a to-do list a mile long, and it will stay a mile long until I can find some energy in my life to tackle it. A big thing that I'm struggling with right now is the fact that I feel like, alot of the time, I'm just trying to survive my life, when the whole point is to live it. I have a mental list of all kinds of things I'd love to do and none of them are really possible right now. I'm feeling a little powerless in this fight.

I'm trying to be patient and hopeful that things will get better in the near future, but trying to balance umteen battles, it's easy to feel discouraged. I'm saying nothing new really, just reiterating the fact that this is damn hard, and isn't really letting up even a year later.

Oh and look! Complete with a key to my hypothetical shackles! Give it here bitches!!! So yea, Jenny, that's where the hell I went. See you all in another week...

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tagged by a Fool

So here it is. My triumphant return to blogging (again). I have been tagged by my crazy sister for the purpose of posting a meme and I've heard that it's bad manners to keep your tagger waiting. Wait no more-- here are six weird things about me (I'll have you know that I shook my head in agreement with 4 of my sister's 6, so this took some digging):
  1. I am very specific about my shirt collars. I am a big fan of the T-Shirt, but I have to have collars that hug my neck a little bit. I hate collars that swoop really wide, or even worse, those that are in between, so you feel like you've stretched a good collar out (and in that case, I would rather re-wash the shirt to make it fresh than to squirm through the day). I like the slight swoop necks for work because they're dressier, but you will rarely find me in one of these outside of that... although with the triumphant reappearance of collar bones, I enjoy these a little bit more than I used to).
  2. In college, I was known for brushing my teeth umteen times a day-- before class, before and after dinner, after napping.... my friends would say obsessively. Call me crazy, but I just thought I was practicing good dental hygiene. Okay, I will admit that I carried a mouth guard in my coat pocket. But honestly, tell me I had no underlying factor for concern... Also, I never look like this when I brush my teeth unless I get spittle in my eye...
  3. Confession: I find pineapple threatening. There, I said it.
  4. While working full time at stupid Menards (before college, insert annoying ass banjo), I made up a game to play at my register to pass the time/ entertain myself. Like a game of war, and depending on the change I gave the customer, either I was the winner, or they were. Don't judge.
  5. When I'm in the car, I try to remember not to put my tongue in between my teeth out of fear that we might be rear ended or something, causing me to bite my tongue off. We're rather attached.
  6. And last but not least, I believe that everything has it's place... and that place is with me. This is one of those quirks that will keep me up at night and give me an uneasy feeling if I know that I've left things somewhere else. Every night when I go up to bed, I know without a doubt that I will need my purse and jacket for work, but every night I haul them upstairs, and every afternoon when I get ready for work, I haul them back down. If I know I've left my shoes in another room, I will sooner get up out of bed to get them, rather than rest assured that I will in fact see them again.... I have no idea where this complex comes from, being that I've been very grounded all of my life and never moved around... I really have no idea. But this concludes six weird things about me. Just six. And I would tag people, if my sister and I didn't know all of the same people:)

Monday, April 10, 2006

One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest

If the title itself does not give this one away, perhaps you're a reader of my sister's blog? Yes, that's right. I was mowed down by the nasty bug we all hope to miss every year... and while I had plenty of time to blog last week since I was home sick (Thrusday, Friday, and Saturday, and Sunday)-- let's just say the opportunity never really presented itself.

"I'm sorry I gave you the flu Little Bunny... well, a little sorry."

The only good thing about having the flu (at this particular time) is that I happened to be simultaneously on a diet. If any of you recall, I began this diet with the first of the year, and was trying and failing and trying some more, until I was finally so frustrated (after two and a half months) with my mere seven lb loss, that I caved and jumped on the weight watchers band wagon. This was about a month ago. To date (my 7lbs included) I've lost twenty-one pounds.

There are things about losing weight that I had forgotten since the last time I made this my mission. Tricks of the "fat- girl" trade, if you will... for instance, anyone who has struggled with their weight knows the joy of being able to take their pants off without unbuttoning them. I have no idea... but ask any woman who has been on a diet of length and she'll tell you (or she might deny it, but still know exactly what I'm talking about).

Also, the joy of food in portion control/ the value of a point... just the other day, I discovered a brand of pudding worth one point per cup. I was enjoying this treat at my parent's kitchen table when my sister was discussing what to order on our pizza... "Sant, is cheese okay with you?-- Low, am I not the one licking my pudding cup clean?" My sister proceeds to order.


Okay, yes, that might be pushing it a little bit (dieters? maybe not?), but still, the one thing I can say without a doubt in all of this, is that now is the time. Well, not now now... this now is time for bed... and tomorrow is time for more dieting. But in the mean time, I wish all of you dieters good luck with your scales!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Dramatic Conclusion

Okay, over the weekend I posted about an incedent that had me hella nervous for this coming week of work. I meant to post the end result last night, but hi, remember me? The blog-less wonder... be excited that I made it back this soon. Hopefully by this point you're all familiar with the story I am referring to, because here's what happened.

Well, I went to my boss right when she got there yesterday, before she even opened her email, so I told her about everything, and she didn't really say anything, so I was like, ok... Things seemed normal all afternoon, and THEN we sat down to dinner...

Boss: "So WHAT exactly happened on Saturday?"
Enter story.
Boss: "Ha, I think it's cute that you ratted yourself out."
Me: "What the hell?"
Boss:"What did you think I was gonna do-- FIRE you??"
Me: "Abuhh?? No(?) I just didn't want you to hear about it from our big boss and then have to come to me like 'Do you have something you want to share?"
Boss: "Why? Did you sit and think about it all weekend or something?"
Me: "Yea(?)"
Boss: "You know you're never gonna live this one down, haha!"

Needless to say, my loaned-out mind had me thinking worst case scenario... WHEW! Did I mention that I have a kick ass boss?